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Jack Mounsey

I completed a Bachelor of Design Studies at the University of Queensland, a Masters of Architecture Degree at the University of Melbourne, then I purchased a nice camera in Sydney.

I have a passion for revealing the essential, ephemeral, and sometimes hidden image that distills the inherent and unique beauty of PLACE, PEOPLE, and PERFORMANCE. I am always seeking to capture critical moments of connection between these elements within interesting scenes, be they artistic endeavours, designed environments or natural settings.

I approach photography with a relaxed, yet professional attitude. My experience in the architectural field has given me attention to detail without compromising the big picture, and has made me comfortable in collaborative, creative and professional environments.

I have been honoured to work with talented artists, architects, and organisers within the artistic community. I am always excited when projects allow me to meet new people and travel to new places.

Recent clients include:

  • The Humour Foundation - Clown Doctors Australia

  • Bondi Feast - Waverley Council

  • Sydney Fringe Festival

  • Liner Notes Live - Adelaide Cabaret Festival

  • Griffin Theatre Company

  • Community Music Project

  • Winter Architecture

  • The Rio Bar

  • Redcape Hotel Group

  • Centennial Park School